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Relationships based on nine microsatellites

Potential uses: although nine markers are not enough to ascertain a putative kin relationship, this tool helps to find first-degree relationships, to check the reliability of the pedigree given by breeders and to explore genetic and geographic background of a variety.


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Genetic profiles of 6349 cultivars are available.
Source of SSR-marker data VVS2 VVMD5 VVMD7 VVMD25 VVMD27 VVMD28 VVMD32 VrZAG62 VrZAG79 Source of data
Reference varietySsrmA1A2A1A2A1A2A1A2A1A2A1A2A1A2A1A2A1A2
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CABERNET SAUVIGNON139151234242239239239249176190234236240240188194247247 view
CHARDONNAY BLANC137143236240239243239255182190218228240272188196243245 view
MUSCAT A PETITS GRAINS BLANCS133133230238233249241249180195246268264272186196251255 view
PINOT NOIR137151230240239243239249186190218236240272188194239245 view


In case of use of the genetic profiles generated at Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof the source has to be mentioned as: Maul, E.; Röckel, F. 2015: "variety name" Vitis International Variety Catalogue (www.vivc.de)